Retirement Plans

One of the wealth accumulation services available to our clients is a corporate retirement plan. Ascension Capital Advisors, Inc. has the expertise to work with virtually any type of plan, including 401(k), Defined Benefit, and 403(b) plans. Our goal is to offer a complete administrative solution for your corporate retirement plan needs. Allowing Ascension to oversee your corporate retirement plan process provides numerous benefits:

Because our clients are busy achieving company profitability and growth goals, managing the investments in their company’s retirement plan can become an added burden. Under Section 3(38) of ERISA, plan sponsors are able to delegate the responsibility and liability of selecting, monitoring and replacing investments to our firm. As a co-fiduciary, our responsibility is to provide services always in the best interest of the plan participants while reducing the plan sponsor’s time involvement and providing liability protection.

The lower the plan fees, the more plan participants get to keep for retirement. By partnering with cost-effective retirement plan providers, Ascension is usually able to significantly reduce plan fees without giving up hand-tailored service and performance. By keeping cost and expenses low, our clients are able to provide their employees (both current and future) with a plan typically only offered by very large companies. Such plans are an attractive benefit to today’s job applicants and also help insure increased levels of employee satisfaction. Additionally, lower cost avoids potential frivolous law suits due to excessive fees. Although today many retirement plans are sold on a commission basis, Ascension avoids any possible conflict of interest by charging an annual fee for its services based on plan assets under management.

As an ERISA Section 3(38) fiduciary, our goal is to “audit ready” your plan by implementing a manageable, repeatable process, with clearly identified plan fees and expenses. By providing a well-balanced, simplified menu of plan investments, we provide relief from both the time and liability normally associated with managing your plan. This provides more opportunity to focus on what really matters: preparing your workforce for a successful retirement.

Our corporate retirement plan services include:

  • A hands-on partnering with premier retirement plan providers in the industry.
  • Plan design consultation to ensure your plan features match the objectives of the plan sponsor.
  • A customized Investment Policy Statement that reflects plan sponsor objectives and clearly defines the roles of the parties involved.
  • The utilization of local third party administrators when beneficial.
  • Employee education programs that provide employees the critical information they need to make sound investment decisions for their personal finances and lifestyles.
  • The availability of one-on-one employee consultation, per request, to help employees with their personal investment needs.
  • A well-balanced and diversified menu of plan investments, with ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with the Investment Policy Statement.
  • A total cost analysis that clearly identifies all fees and plan expenses, enabling plan sponsors to compare 401(k) products and vendors on a broad, equitable basis.
Our goal at Ascension is to deliver a superior retirement plan experience that helps our clients provide an effective tool to attract and retain employees, while also assisting employees to be financially prepared for retirement. With growing confusion about how to achieve a secure retirement, the support of an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor can help your employees overcome their personal roadblocks to saving and start them on their way to a more secure financial future. We would be happy to evaluate your existing corporate retirement plan and present alternatives, or help you design a new plan to meet the needs of your business and its employees.

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