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The way that your wealth is structured can have a far greater impact on your overall returns than any single investment decision. Our services go beyond investment management into more complex aspects of advanced planning, including estate, tax, insurance, long term care, wills and education planning. We also will closely work with other professionals you trust to ensure that investment activities are seamlessly coordinated with all of your other planning issues. We are happy to offer our clients insights into any tangential concerns as they deal with issues that extend beyond traditional investment matters.

The four key components of planning consist of:

Wealth Enhancement.  Ascension makes sure that you are getting the best possible returns given your risk tolerance. We also evaluate and help minimize the effect of taxes on your returns. By understanding how your current assets are structured and the cash flow that is desired, we can create a investment strategy that meets your needs.

Wealth Transfer. Ascension plans your estate to continue your legacy, based on your wishes, making the transfer of your assets to succeeding generations as smooth as possible, while attempting to minimize or eliminate any estate taxes.

Asset Protection. Ascension will evaluate and help structure your assets to shield them from any potential litigants.

Charitable Giving. Ascension will help to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable contributions to allow you to give more than would have been possible otherwise.

Planning Services — Wealth Design Strategies

Ascension Capital Advisors, Inc. will provide a preliminary assessment that will include a list of concerns and observations regarding your situation. This assessment is a free service with no obligation, available after you have provided us with the requested information about your financial condition. Simply click here to get started.

Wealth Management Solution
We offer a wealth planning tool that offers an aggregated, comprehensive view of your financial portfolio, as well as features and functions that enable more complete planning and better servicing of your needs. Click here for more information about our Wealth Management Solutions

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